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The Lady in the Lake

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Day Lily [Aug. 1st, 2009|11:05 pm]
The Lady in the Lake
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Top of of falls [Aug. 1st, 2009|11:04 pm]
The Lady in the Lake
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time flies [Mar. 25th, 2009|10:18 pm]
The Lady in the Lake
Today I registered Aiden for Pre-K. Hopefully, less then 52 children signed up so there will not be a lottery. We do not do well with things that ride on good luck. Aiden is having some issues with thinking he is going to be 14 instead of 4 in May. He is very into his clothes and often does several costume changes throughout the day. He's so dramatic and has the biggest 'tude ever.As big as his personality it, he is terrified of large groups of people (who can blame him, he's only been around my family which consists of like 2 people, as opposed to freddy's large extended family.) He gets very quiet and clingy when there are a lot of people around him and often tells me he is upset because people are "looking at him."

He is my carbon copy. If you look at my baby pictures, they look like Aiden with a wig.

Johnny will be 2 in July is talking now. He has most of his teeth and is very tall and lanky. He's getting his temper and has just learned to say "NONONO" when he isn't happy. He is calm most of the time and very laid back. He will eat anything put in front of him and loves to help. He may look like me, but he has Freddy's personality, hands down.

He and Aiden are obsessed with Toy Story and argue over the buzz lightyear and Woody dolls constantly. I was going to buy another set but I just make them each play with one at a time. Hopefully one of them will get over it quicker then the other.

Time flies.
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Jon and Kate Plus 8 [Mar. 8th, 2009|08:31 pm]
The Lady in the Lake
So my kids have been pretty much obsessed with "the baby show" aka Jon and Kate Plus 8, to the point where they wanted to buy the DVDs instead of toys. Naturally, I watch it with them and think it's cute. For those of you who don't know, it is a reality show about a couple with twins and sextuplets. So I googled them to find out more about them- because that's what I do.

After going to their official site I stumble upon a few hate blogs. Which is the reason for me writing this. These people WATCH THE SHOW- HATE IT- THEN GO ONLINE TO BLOG ABOUT HOW MUCH THEY HATE IT. Anyone see what I'm seeing? 1. If you don't like a show, don't watch it.

Their issue is that these parents of 8 children are exploiting their family in order to make money. The truth? These kids get to go so many places courtesy of the show. Disney World, Hawaii, New York City. How many families of four, let alone 10, can do that? All 8 children have their college educations paid for and each has a growing trust fund waiting for them upon completion of college (which, for all 8 of them, is paid for. Did I mention that?)

They also were just able to purchase a 1.3 million dollar home that is big enough for their family of 10. These bloggers that hate the show and think it's immoral (and tune in every Monday) have gone through the trouble of looking up real estate listings in a state different then their own and posting the pictures from the listings. Several posters have driven by the house to spy. Crazy? why yes. yes it is. Now whose endangering those kids?

If I had this opportunity, would I do a show like this? DUH OF COURSE I WOULD! This show has given those children opportunities that they would have never had. And about exploiting them- how is it any different from child actors? Except these kids just have to be themselves in their own home. I would jump at that opportunity to better the life of my children. Would those kids have had those things if their parents continued their jobs? No. Not a chance. And I bet those kids don't watch televisions shows they don't like. They could teach those ADULT bloggers a thing or two.

1. Don't watch/listen to/seek out things you know you hate. I will never go back to those stupid blogs because I think their just that. stupid.
2. Many parents would grab at any respectable opportunity to make sure their children will never have to worry about money. As much as people like to stand on their soap boxes and preach- they would do it in a heart beat.
3. For those of you who don't have children and think I'm crazy for making such a sweeping statement- if you ever have kids you will most likely do ANYTHING to make their lives better then yours was. Even if you had a happy childhood- you want their to be happier.

stupid bloggers.
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Black and white pictures of the boys. What else have I got to photograph? [Jan. 19th, 2009|07:16 am]
The Lady in the Lake
Why not?

He does not look three.. more like six
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Hate [Dec. 22nd, 2008|07:45 am]
The Lady in the Lake
Over the weekend and the past week, We have gotten a total of 40 inches of snow. Our BRAND NEW snowblower, purchased in September, which was used a total of 4 times, broke. AGAIN. We are stuck in the house because at -20 degrees, it's too cold to even take the kids out play in the snow. The people up here are weird. The take-out food is horrendous. I don't want my kids to turn into the wacky teens that lurk around here. No one is happy. The main reason we moved up here was to help care for my grandmother. Now both my aunt and my grandmother are living in Oswego. So we are stuck in this shanty town alone.

Everyone is miserable. I have this idea in my head that moving to Florida will solve a lot of our problems. But no one else wants to move there. I can't leave my parents alone because they need our help as much as we've needed their's. Both are sick and cannot do the work that a house requires. Freddy is angry all the time. I don't like being cold. I don't like the snow. I'm hoping that when we go down to tampa end of march/beginning of April, Freddy's mind will be changed and then we can start saving to move us and my parents down there.
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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2008|01:18 pm]
The Lady in the Lake
I actually have a lot of plans this weekend-

Saturday- take Aiden to the dollar store to cash in his poop dollars (my dad gave him a dollar every time he pooped in the potty when he was first starting out)and then the four of us are going to Freddy's friend's birthday party at 5

Sunday- Twilight with Angel at 11:40. Woo! Hopefully it doesn't snow too bad. Then I have to finish up my persuasive essay. I've already for about two or three pages out of four or five done.

Next semester is all online- 5 classes
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(no subject) [Nov. 15th, 2008|04:15 pm]
The Lady in the Lake
I bought a manual treadmill, which came last week. It's a great workout and didn't cost me as much as a motorized one would. I've used it every night except thursday and I break a sweat in about 10 minutes (I NEVER swear. EVER) Hopefully I can curb my snacking and get on track to lose some poundage. I have two babies worth of baby weight, plus some depression weight to get rid of. I feel really good about myself just DOING something about it. It doesn't help much that I'm currently making some stuffed artichokes, but that's not bad, right?

I started writing a book. I've had a few ideas in my head for a long time, but one finally clicked. I've only written a few pages, I guess two chapters worth. I like it so far, but have to do some heavy duty editing. I think it's as good if not better then most of the stuff out there. Even if it never gets published, I like writing it.

I bought a new lens for my camera, which I am slowly starting to learn how to use. It would help if I knew where my manual was but it will turn up eventually

I got all As on my midterms and now have about three weeks of classes left. I'm halfway done with my final research paper and still have persuasive essay to write. Essays don't scare me, I can pull one out of thin air. I wrote my meditation essay in 20 mins and my teacher told me it was the best, most interesting one she's read in this class. I have to do a replica of a magazine cover for my photography class, which I am so unmotivated to do. I don't really want or care to make one. I feel like e-mailing him and being like pleeeeease give me a different assignment. I dont even know what to do. blah.
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I just can't [Oct. 3rd, 2008|06:00 am]
The Lady in the Lake
[mood |frustratedfrustrated]

I watched part of the debate last night, even though I promised myself I wouldn't. My dad and I sat there dumbfounded, sometimes laughing, sometimes just staring blankly at the TV. It made me sick to my stomach. Just watching her (who did better then expected, but still has no clue whats going on) made me so nervous, because i KNOW there are "joe six packs" and "hackey moms" out there going "shes just like me!!" WELL THATS THE PROBLEM! i dont want YOU running the country. I want someone who has a good head on their shoulders and knows what deregulation is!! I want someone who can ANSWER A QUESTION in a debate. Not say "well, i'm not so intent on answering questions, but I just want to talk directly to the American people" THAT'S WHAT INTERVIEWS ARE FOR LADY!

I came to like Joe Biden (or OBiden as she kept calling him) but still think he's that really smart kid in class who just can't talk to girls. He was a lot more educated then her. SHE DOESN'T THINK THAT GLOBAL WARMING IS MAN MADE!!!! DUH it's man made. If we didn't exist, do you think all the animals and plant life would be burning through oil like this? Maybe she missed that discovery channel special that shows what would happen to the world if we all disappeared (basically, everything would get better)

here are some highlights of what the new had to say about her

CNN (Bob Schneider): Palin’s answers do not lack confidence, they lack coherence.

Washington Post (Chris Cillizza): Palin: Worst spot in the debate. Looking down at her notes a lot. Really struggling.

TIME: This closing statement sounds like she's giving a speech to the College Republicans. It's really amateur hour.

MSNBC Chris Matthews 10:35 PM: "Not only did she say I'm not going to do any more interviews, it seemed, but she was saying, I'm not going to listen to uh Gwen Ifill tonight. She said I'm not going to uh give the answers the moderator wants to ask for. What an extraordinary statement. I'm not going to play by the rules and when I get elected I want more power in the office than it's had before. Hmm.. Not too much humility here.


Who Did the Best Job In the Debate?

Biden 51%
Palin 36%
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2008|05:30 am]
The Lady in the Lake
My kids wake up entirely too early. 5:30. Blah! I can't wait until saturday so I can trick Freddy into letting me sleep late.

My birthday is a week from today. I dont really want to do anything. Maybe dinner and a movie, but no good movies are out. So probably just dinner. Or I'll take the kids to Chuck E Cheese. that way someone will be having fun on my birthday! I already got clothes. Freddy let me just order something. Thats how we roll "here babe, heres $xx. Go buy something pretty" Its much easier then stressing over gifts.
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